Monday, August 29, 2011

Shop Around

I have become my grandpa's granddaughter and have started going to different grocery stores to get the best deal.

1) This all stems from knowing how much something should cost and what a good price is.
2) Then it is shopping all your local stores to find out who has the best price.  If you get the newspaper or have the internet, you can check the fliers weekly to see where the best deals are.
3) Make a list for each store (I prefer this to circling items on the fliers, helps me get everything I need).  Put the coupons you need with your list so everything is all together in one spot.
4) Pick a day of the week to do all the errands or go to one store a day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online Magazines and Newspapers

Sorry for the long lapse in updates, Frugal Omma has had a crazy time with her two kiddos and needed a break from blogging.


Almost all magazines and newspapers have some sort of online presence.  The hope is that you'll love the printed version so much that you'll buy a subscription.  And of course the tantalizing offer that "not everything is online, get the subscription to see all the exciting articles."

But really, for as much as the average subscriber reads the whole magazine/newspaper, the online version is plenty.

And many magazines/newspapers have tweets or facebook updates so you don't even have to go to their website, you just log on and see what the latest news is.  If you like getting texts, you can sometimes sign up for free news texts as well.