Monday, July 18, 2011


Ah, it's supper time and everyone in the house is hungry. They all turn to you and ask "What's for dinner?"  Good question.  So what do you do?

There are a number of suggestions you could try.

Meal List
You could type up a list of all your favorite meals that can be made with the items you typically keep in stock. Then when you're stuck on a idea, you look at the list and pick something.

Meal Calendar
This is a take on the list but a bit more organized.  For either the week or the month fill in what you will make on which days.  You can organize your shopping around this, prep ahead of time, and not be scrambling at the last minute to make something.  Don't forget to add in leftovers days!

Meal Box
This is a different take on the meal calendar.   A lady once told me that all I need are 30 recipes and then I can rotate them in a box.  The next one up is the meal for the night.

Cook for a week in one day
For the super organized (and I have never done this by the way) you can cook for the whole week (or month) and then freeze the food.  Then it is simply a mater of taking the meal out of the freezer and heating it up for the evening.